Pasar Malam (Night Markets) is one of the main attractions and a must visit when visiting Malaysia. The market usually starts in evening till late (says 6pm to 11pm), that mostly offer variety of popular food items such as fried chickens, burgers, kuehs, otahs as well clothing to mobile phone accessories.  Pasar malam offers many entrepreneurs and working adults’ second income. This is indeed a good platform for young entrepreneurs due to low startup capital. The market are often packed with people that giving them a boost while picking up business skills.

The night bazaar traders are required to obtain license from the local council such as Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) before setting up their stall. This is to ensure control such as cleanliness as well as number of stalls can be controlled. Thanks to the Internet, the information and online license application can be done online.  In Malaysia the pasar malam usually takes place rotate across different places on different days on the month round the year.  Tips to visitors, haggling over prices is normal and at times can be up to 30% (I think this is fair depending on items).

As the pasar malam are normally crowded, it’s not good ideas to carry lots of money with you. Bring small change and what is needed would be good. Small change would allows easy purchase for foods that usually cost a few Ringgit. Take an example a cup of sugar cane drink cost about RM 2 and Asam Laksa at about RM 4 to 5.

Indeed pasar malam is a must visit place in your travel plan because there really so much to see, experience, eat and buy at a good reasonably prices in breezy nights. Some of the big pasar malam to my knowledge would be at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur where almost all international foods are available here. Pasar malam schedule and list of Pasar malam is something you should check out before trip as different location has different timing and day.