All motorists will definitely need to have car insurance, auto insurance or motor insurance policy in relatively to their motor vehicle. Motor or automobile insurance is mandatory before the motor vehicle is allowed on the road. The motor insurance covers the policy owner and the vehicle in the event of accidents, in accordance to the agreed term and conditions; between policy owner and the insurance policy issuer.

The car insurance policy fees are usually variable from each to the other, as the Insurance company has their formula when comes to fees. Examples are the track record of the driver, amount to insure, age, vehicle classification among others. The key to the lower car insurance premium is usually associated with the Non Claim Discount (NCD) or also know as Non Claim Bonus (NCB) is some countries. Under circumstances, if the policy holder (motor car driver or owner) has claimed free within a specific period. Upon the renewal of the Insurance policy, there will be an additional discount to the total premium amount for the said policy holder.

Generally the motor vehicle insurance covers the following items, and of course there are more advantages which are available out there due to competition.

  •           Physical damage of the insured motor vehicle
  •           Medical / Financial assistance to the policy holder
  •           Third parties coverage

Lastly, note that all countries / regions are having their Motor Insurance policies in accordance to the local laws. Contact your local Insurance brokers / issuer for details and comparison before signing up!