Google Adsense

I started my online business by publishing a simple website loaded with Adsense advertisements. The basic fact is that Adsense is the easiest way to make money online with minimal or no capital. When someone clicked the advertisement, you make money; simple?
To date, I have made little money from Adsense earning and my account is still growing day by day. I see this, as high potential business and would like to share tips and experiences to all Hubpages readers. To make tone of money with Google Adsense, basically you need to get the following done in building your Adsense empire; yes you need
– Of course a website or blog
– Traffic and more traffic

To achieve the 2 critical success points, I have listed some of the basic tips as below
a) Decide the niche or topic before building your website, keep you writing and also provide useful information to your readers; which Adsense loves. If you choose a topic that you unfamiliar or not interested with, likely the site will be get abandon after period of time. All your hard word is wasted. Other than that, great niche also will be able to help Adsense to display relevant advertisements to boost the earning.
b) Basic skill to maintain the website, along the journey to get rich with Adsense. With some basic knowledge, you do not need to hire a ‘professional’ to help you with the maintenance. Do you survey on the Internet, there are many tools / software can be automated to help you.
c) Choose you Domain name and Web Hosting provider, business need a shop to run the business. You need a good location and stable facilities such as power to keep you business running, this also applicable to online business, where you need an Internet address and hosting provider to host your site.
d) Sign up for Adsense account once your website is up and loaded with tone of valuable information. Go to the Adsense application page and click ‘sign up’ and follow the instructions.
e) Choose and add / Integrate your advertisements code into your website and you are done. I would suggest you to test the page and ensure the advertisement banner displayed properly (Do not click you own advertisement, Google not like it)
f) Work harder to get more traffic to your site, by adding more contents and share it on social network site such as Facebook. You can bring free traffic by leaving valuable comments on other people website / blog as which link to your sites. Do not SPAM people website such as ‘good’, ‘great’ site with is meaningless.