The best online Forex brokers are usually offering free demo account to beginner to test and experience the Forex market as real. They walk through the same process from making decisions based on news, tracking performance like a professional Forex traders to reacting to trading patterns

All this is for free and thanks to the state of are software and Internet. You can start trading for fun without putting any real money as deposit to start. You gain experience about how Forex transactions are placed once you start placing demo trades. The demo Forex trading account allows you to become familiar with the trading rules and procedures such as placing an order, limit order, good till date and many other functions in order to become a professional

You won’t lose anything but making a big gains from the free Forex trading account by learning all the skills and terms. Usually the best online Forex brokers offering state of art software such as latest Metatrader platform with the best charting software. All the critical indicators and tools that you need should be also included and possibly an automated trading

In summary, practice using the demo account provided by these online Forex brokers. Make sure you are really comfortable before placing a real trade with you hard earn money.