What is ICO?
Ethconnect (ECH) offer via the ICO by issuing Ethconnect tokens to people who want to own them before EthConnect (ECH) is released in the open market.

The Goal of ICO?
Our goal is to widely publicize the Ethconnect (ECH) to the public which aims at providing an opportunity for people admiring e-money market at a competitive price.

ICO price?
ICO release: 8,000,000 Ethconnect (ECH) tokens
Original Price of 01 Ethconnect (ECH) token starting from $ 0.5 FOR EARLY BIRD
Currency: USD

We understand the development of current and future payment instruments. A few countries and multinational corporations are gradually adopting electronic money and electronic payment instruments. With the presence of Ethconnect (ECH), we believe that we can create a great opportunity and more development for the present and future world.

You can buy either Bitcoin or Ether. Please do your own decision before investing.

Refer to the link for details :