Singapore Property Tax is generally separated into 2 tiers known as Owner Occupier Tax and Residential Tax (Non owner occupied). The rates for Owner Occupier tax (owner occupied and not generating income) is much lower compared to Residential Tax rates (Usually the property is rented and tenanted for rental income).

If you received a Property Tax statement do check the rates. Assuming you are living in the self owned property but the tax calculation reflects as Residential Tax Rates, you should file in a revision with IRAS either visit to IRAS office, phone or do it online. Would prefers you to update the tax rates online

How to file property tax revision with IRAS online?

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “Apply for Owner Occupier Tax Rates” on the right hand menu
  3. Search the property using address or tax reference number
  4. Update and submit as per instructions

Note: To apply for the Owner Occupier Tax Rates, please ensure the home / property is owned and occupied by an individual or a married couple

If you have not receive tax bill or lost / misplaced. You can also view the tax bill online by login to IRAS online and navigate to “Account Summary”.

To find out the Property Tax balance, you can just login via by entering your NRIC and Property address.

Finally, you may contact IRAS contact centre for more details at 1800 356 8300 or visit IRAS office at 55 Newton Rd, Revenue House, 307987