I applied to Google Adsense immediately after published my first blog posst. After waited for an approximately three hours, Google Adsense team responded to my application via email with subject line ‘Google AdSense Account Status’. I was so excited and thought that my application approved until I opened the mail, which really turning my feeling from exited to frustrated. The email contents as below

“Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your application, our program specialists have found that it does not comply with our policies. Therefore, we’re unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time. We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below. If you are able to resolve these issues, please feel free to reply to this email for reconsideration when you have made the changes.”

Why the Google Adsense application was rejected?
There can be many reasons for having a rejected application. Usually the common problem could be due to insufficient contents, invalid web URL or email address or incorrect personal when filling up the online Adsense application form.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast?
a) Publish at least 10 articles or hubs before resubmit your Google Adsense application. One of my failure was not having sufficient contents. Instead focus on building more quality contents and traffics.

b) Recheck your application form to make sure that all details in provided in the Adsense application form are accurate.

Alternative to Adsense
Many publishers having their Google Adsense application rejected due to their stringent policies. Some of the these publishers just not able to get their Adsense application approved after trying for long time.

I had the same problem before and my application was not accepted by Google Adsense. In fact there are many players out there other than Google Adsense that worth to try. However not doubt that Adsense is still the best in online advertising industry. Here are some of the online advertising network that similar to Google Adsense

a) Infolinks
b) Adbrite
c) Yahoo! Publisher Network
d) AdBrite
e) Chitika
f) Kontera
g) Clicks