Working in Singapore is great and job opportunities are still good. Candidates with higher education level and or work experience stand a better chance and command a higher starting pay. Potential employers are also looking out for those with good command of English (great resume writing and presentation during interviews) always stand better chances.

To kick start, potential candidates can apply online jobs through popular online job sites such as:
1. Jobstreet
2. Contact Singapore
3. Jobs Central
4. JobsDB

Alternatively there are various employment agencies may assist you. It’s also possible to do it thr old school way. Come over to Singapore, and then extend your visa to long term. Flip through newspaper and apply your job thru the company directly. Direct apply, you’re potentially be in front of the queue comparing to those applied online.

Later the hiring company will apply work pass for you to stay and work in Singapore. There are various employment passes depending on your skills and pay such as Employment Pass (EP), S Pass and Work Permit typically.

Next you should find your accommodation and the standard HDB common room should cost around SGD 550 to SGD 1000 depending on areas and facilities provided. Some useful resources are as below

Finally how you get to work. The public transportation in Singapore is reliable at a reasonable cost. Get yourself EZ Link card that can be used across all buses and MRT route.