A huge error message in red color popped up on my Adsense main screen today (10 January 2011). The message sound ‘Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment’, I was panicked after reading the message.
Quickly, I clicked on the ‘more details’ button to find out more details on reasons behind the message.  Luckily nothing major after understood reasons and continued to Google for answer. I decided to share the information to new Adsense members.  Basically you will be receiving this message from Google for account validation as soon as your account earning hit US 10 dollars.

There are three sections for you to be completed, in order for Google to release your earning
a) To validate your payee name / address / phone (no phone validation for some countries).  You will be receiving a PIN from Google via email; the delivery based on people comments around 3 weeks. Once you validated the payee name / address / phone, insert the PIN number sent by Google Adsense team and hit ‘Enter’. Now you done 1 out of 3 steps
b) Setup the channel to receive your earning. Google will be sending your earning when the threshold hit US 100 dollars. You job here is to decide how to receive it via the following channel
  i) Check – Standard Delivery
  ii) Check – Secured Express Delivery (there will be charges of US 24 for processing fee)
  iii) Western Union
Above all the available channels, Western Union may be the best option for members outside of USA; whereas you can receive your payments the next day via Western Union offices/agents.
Standard check may take 3 weeks for delivery, not to mention the time for check clearing house. Therefore, Western Union the best!! (Please check the fees applicable on your own. No changes in my country)
c) Submit your Tax information