Based on my simple observation, nine out of ten working adults are eating out most of the time. But why these people do not cook at home and spent the quality time with their family? Why don’t cook and eat healthy foods at home?
Let’s me tell you, cooking at home has many benefits; the obvious one is you can actually save money from cooking at home.  Yes, you can really save money cooking at home; eating out actually costs you more money. Imagine you need to drive your car to the nearby restaurants (petrol cost), park your car (parking cost) and order for your foods (meal cost). Now, you just add up the transportation and food cost; versus self cook foods at home. Obviously prepare and cook you own foods save money and time for long run.
Not on money saving, you also have better control on what you want to eat for the day. Its advisable do some simple planning on ‘what you going you to have’ for your daily meals. Do you weekend shopping and grabs the necessities at one go, so that you could focus only on cooking at home after back from work.
Very often the restaurants will add in more salt, sugar and seasoning to make the food tastier.  This means the foods prepared outside is not good for health, tastier the foods; the greater risk to your health.  You definitely cannot control the amount of ingredients to be added into your foods, example the amount of oil to be added. Remember you cannot buy health, among all the points; this is particularly very true.
Another best point is that, you can control the portion size. Usually having dinner at the restaurants, the portion is typically large; that caused you to overeat. We can’t pack the undone foods home every time having meals outside right?

Lastly, you can invite your spouse or kids to join your cooking session and have great funs together as big family. What is better than having great family time and better health? Other than saving money to fund for better purpose, believe me; self cook at home is not difficult. Get yourself a cooking recipes today.