Become a Ghostwriter can be rewarding in many ways such as the following
Firstly, for the benefit of all let’s start with the introductory of ‘What is Ghostwriter?’ A Ghostwriter basically a professional writer who is paid to write anything from articles to books; which technically considered as a job
Got chance to participate in research and increase the knowledge level as you would write any types of topics that sound ‘dinosaur’ to you, based on your clients requirements on the topics and what to write. 
Make a good income that able to support the good living for fulltime writers. However, it may take some time for new writers to earn the credit as well as clients. New writers can start from part time and with little hard work and perseverance, sure things will work out.
Have more great time with family at home is another possible dream for most of us. You can stay at home and start working (writing), anytime and anywhere you like. Imagine having late breakfast and work at late night when you not feeling sleepy
Minimum start cost for beginner, by place advertisements for your ghostwriting service on free classified sites, forums and any place as appropriate
Plenty of opportunity on the web awaiting Ghostwriter, such as major work site. Simply Google to get the current listing and sites for you to work on and bid