Others than banks and company, most of the daily Forex trading volume are done by the independent traders like you and me. Thanks to the Internet, which allows traders to trades from their home, office or anywhere with Internet access. 

Traders can just open an account with the preferred brokers over the Internet. Using the Internet search engine with key word such as FX broker, there are many results; would be recommended to do survey before signing up. Things to look out for are such as 

– Type of accounts 
– Leverage / Margin 
– Trading Platforms
– Deposit and withdrawal of funds
– Spread
– T & C and many others

Importantly trading in Forex is safer than trading a company shares with can be manipulated by an individual, while a currency represent a country which unlikely or difficult to be manipulated. Other than above, the leverage system allows a trader with minimum amount of fund to trade more than what he/she has in the account. Example if the leverage is 1:100, someone can open a $100 position with every $1 in the account. However the leverage can be ‘kill’ the position if the position goes against us and margin call will be surface very quickly