Usher into the Dragon year
Chinese Lunar New Year is just ten more days ahead, people started to prepare to usher into the Dragon year.  Based on the Chinese astrology cycle, the last Dragon year was in year 2000 (Y2K). Dragon is occupying the 5thposition in the Chinese zodiac, and is the greatest sign among the rest.  Here is some facts about the people who born in the year of Dragon.
Personality people born in the year of Dragon
People born in the year of dragon are more independent, and they prefer to live by their own commands. They are willing to take risks and unafraid of challenges ahead. Dragon always offer help to others, while hardly request for help; which make them the mightiest
Dragons are good in leading and to express their creativity, compared to the other animals in the Chinese zodiac. They are among the best in managerial position (leader) or inventor (creative).
As dragons are hardworking and willing to take risks, they may suffer from stress and tension. To have a periodically holidays and off would be a good option to Dragons
Dragons are independence and wish quick actions as well as risks; they may get into hot temper easier compared to the rest sometimes. Dragons may need a almost similar characteristics individual to be their partner.