In the modern society today, almost everyone is holding at least a credit card for the convenient of purchase and probably security reasons. Usage of Credit card is still growing, along with the advances of technology and innovation, that’s enable the cashless transaction almost everywhere from parking to shopping.
However, in line with the wider acceptance of credit card and increase in number of credit cards issued; security and fraud has becoming a major issue. Banks worldwide are working with the security experts on how to prevent frauds constantly. Yes, they should think of an effective ways to prevent fraud. We as the credit card holder, also plays a crucial role to ensure the safety of ours credit cards.
There are many guides and tips readily available online for you, but still not good as these tips are too ‘lengthy’ and complicated to most of us. I have basically summarized the points, and believe that just follows these 5 tips to protect your credit card; should be good enough to secure your credit card. The 5 credit card security tips as below
a) Always ensure the credit card returned after the transaction is yours and not someone else’s. Do a simple check particularly on the name on the cards.
b) Do not leave your credit card unattended (example in the car or office), if you are not using the credit card; keep your card in a safe place such as safety box at home. Remember; always ensure your credit card is in your possession. There are local escorts accept Credit Cards for their services with such as Visa and Master Card, even AMEX to lure more customers. They may keep your card which is not safe. 
c) Always destroy your old credit card by cutting across the magnetic strip and across the chip on the card. Do this whenever you receive a replacement/renewal of new credit cards, or even for the cancellation of credit card.
d) Always remember and destroy your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you receive a new PIN to prevent unauthorized withdraw or usage.
d) Always report to your bank immediately, when your credit card is stolen / lost or even when the PIN envelope is compromised.