Tips to making friends for shy person’s
I used to be shy when meeting people, especially girls. Alright, re-think again that the strangers are just same like you and me. So why shy?
Some of the great tips to help you to remove the fear can as below
Smile, when you meeting people. Take this chance for ‘ice breaking’ by simply saying ‘hello’, if the person noticed and replying smile to you. I am sure, everything else will starts from here.
Talk and talk, to people around you. Do not allow shyness to stop you from making new friends. Example, if your new neighbor walks across your garden. Why not just, smile and say ‘hello, how are you?’
Relax is another point to be note. When you making a new friends, stay cool and be yourself. If you are too afraid to talk and interact with people naturally, the chances of failure are higher.
Accept invitationswhen you are invited to a party. Do not simply decline the invitation, just because you unfamiliar with the person. Get yourself dressed properly, and take this chance to know the person better.
Keep in touch with people that you know. A simple email or Facebook message will do, to know how the person is doing. In addition, this also will open a wider network to you and your friend to know more people in the circle.
Get involved in every party, possible start from the preparation. You will definitely get to know more people from invitation cards, vendors and many more. Smart guys will get it (the meaning).
Hope the above simple tips will be able to help you in making more friends toward a healthy and well connected society.