Have my Google Adsense account approved finally on the month of December 2011, after numerous of re-submission attempts. Generally, it’s not difficult to get your Adsense account approves based on steps below:

a) Make sure that you have at least few unique articles published on your website, which has at least 200   
   words on it. I would suggest that for the beginners,  you may start using blog platform which usually free 
   as kick start to get the feel. 

b) Apply for a Gmail email account for the Adsense application. Also recommended to apply a new Gmail
    account for Adsense account management only if you already have one. Bottom line, the personal 

   particulars MUST be correct

c) Adsense did not allow any adult or sensitive contents published on the site that you’re asking for. 
    Recommended that the contents selected to suit all level of readers

d) If your application got rejected for the first time. Hold for a month and re-submit again, at the mean time 
    try your level best to enhance the contents / site design / layout and again contents. Do Not rush into re-
    submission, as you may get rejected again 

e) Although advisable to use the free platform such as Blogspot (sample site : luvmyland.blogspot.com), you 
    may also consider to apply for your own domain name or also know as top domain (e.g. 
   www.mycashcabinet.com) for easy approval. If you have sufficient amount of unique contents with a great 
   site design 
Finally, be honest with the information provided for the Google Adsense account application. I’m sure you will have your account approved soon. Hope to contribute more to this site. 

Happy earning people!! 

(Note: I’m not a Google employee and the information given above is purely based on the personal experience)