Today Friday (2 December) and also the release of the Non Farm Payroll (NFP), the dollars rallies after the November unemployment rate falls. I was short EUR/USD using forex demo account which makes at least 30 pips almost immediately after the announcement.

The forex market recently has been relatively quiet and moving sideways waiting for clearer directions, whether to go north or south. However, the wait and see strategies are not good for forex trading and forex brokers in general, as these brokers will see low in revenue as results of the lower trading volume.
At the time of writing which is almost 0000 hrs on Saturday, I stopped all my trading positions on the demo account and waiting for a better week ahead.  Just for the information to some of you, the NFP is released on the first Friday of each month which reporting the change in Non form employment.
Anyone feel free to add in comments below for the next week expectation. Have trading and have a good weekend