Flying has been my ambition long time since childhood; however the wish can’t be realized despite trying hard in enrolling the Airlines cadet pilot program. Honesty, I have no clue to how the selection or criteria that an airline is looking at.
While surfing on the flying stuffs on the Internet, I noticed that someone could actually fly for leisure by taking the Private Pilot License (PPL) at flying schools. I enrolled with one of the flying school at the nearby Airport (which used to be an International Airport, IATA code SZB).

This article is to share with all the Hubpages readers on the path to Private Pilot License in general. Note that each country has own aviation rules which govern by the local Aviation Authority. The tips as below
          Do your own research on the flying schools available nearby your area, you need to check the type of aircraft available for rental and training, training fees such as flying kits, books, and flying hours.
          Set an appointment with the school for a visit to know more about flying and the school. You can also request for a trial flight during the visit.
           Sign up and set the schedule on the ground and flight training. Ground training or class training usually guide you about the aviation laws, radio, and many more; while flying is more to hands on in controlling the  actual planes. At this phase, you will be issued with a “Student Pilot License” for flight training. You need to achieve certain flying hours with flight instructor before able to perform solo flight and exam.
          Schedule both the paper and flying exam ahead with the local flying authority for the paper and flying test as final step to Private Pilot License
          Once you obtained you Private Pilot License, continue to flight on regular basis to keep you license valid.
It’s recommended for anyone who interested in obtaining own private flying license to consult with the local aviation authority for more details. Flying can be very costly as well as to main the license valid. Good luck to all