OCBC Malaysia is offering overseas cash withdrawal from it partner ATM network using debit cards linked to saving or current accounts. This is value added advantage to OCBC Malaysia customers.

Due to recent massive outflows Malaysia Ringgit (i guess so) or due to security reasons. This service is not enabled by default. You are advised to call OCBC call centre number +603 8317 5000 to check status or request to enable the overseas withdrawal facility before travel.

Understood you may also needed to submit a request form on some cases. Anyway better call the bank to check first.

Would suggest you to change some foreign currency before you travel. Usually exchange money from local money exchange fetch better rates compared to bank service.

Since you are travelling to foreign destination. Its advised to safeguard your ATM card by ensuring the following simple tips.

1) Remember the pin and do not write it down.

2) Choose difficult pins and not sequential like 123456 or your personal details such as birthday.

3) Do not reveal the pin to anyone

4) Save OCBC contact centre no incase you need to block the card.