Whoever having issues with their credit scores are usually having trouble in getting credit approved, as well as the charge card. Most of the time, these people also being treated unfairly from high mortgage or motor vehicle loan rates; you should start rebuilding your credit rating if you’re caught in this situation.
You may consider applying a credit card tailored for people with bad credit (Read the Term and Conditions to avoid high yearly fees or any fees associated with the card). There may be limited options of such card designed for people with bad credit, remember this is your savior that may helps you to save thousands of dollar in the future. The issuers help you to build rebuild your credit by reporting your credit performance to the credit bureau which will then update you records. Also to note that, there are two types of credit cards namely secure and unsecure credit which having different characteristics as well as the fees and interest rates.
Do plan your monthly expenses and paid the charges on time every month without rolling whenever possible. The positive changes to your credit history and score will definitely translate into lower loan / credit card rates in the future. Lastly, credit card is the fastest and most effective way to repair the bad credit scores. Spend within your limit to avoid bad credit rating / score!!