In today modern society, everyone is having at least a credit card that brings aa world of convenience to the card holders. There is no need to bring think wads of money around either for shopping to meals. However, using credit cards also have risks such as stolen or fraud if you not careful. To safeguard your credit card against fraud, you can take note of the tips below to safeguards your credit card

a)     Sign the card on the spot once your receive it

b)    Immediately report the lost or stolen card to the Credit Card Center

c)     Do not reveal your credit card details to any unknown party

d)    Do not lend your card to anybody

e)     Treat your credit card like a cash

f)     Do not bring or carry your Personal Identification Pin (PIN) together with your credit cards

g)    Keep the issue bank contact number in case your need to make a report

h)     Cut your expired credit cards when you receive your new one from the bank

i)      Always check your credit card transactions and details / slip before signing the slip

j)      Destroy all transaction slips or records before dispose