The intention of this article is to introduce the home business online with minimal start up capital and time.

Everybody dreams to own their own online or physical business and in which usually difficult to be materialized, due to either lack of capital or time. Thanks to the Internet, now everyone can start their online home business and work anywhere anytime they want.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you the dropship online business! Wait a minute, what the heck is the dropship business? See answers below

What is drop shipping?

Is a new supply chain management approach in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but these retailers will transfer the customer order details to the wholesaler or manufacturer for stock shipment back to their customers. They reap the profit on the difference between the retail and wholesale price.

The advantage of drop shipping as below

World wide brand products, no storing or inventory handing, as you no need to buy and keep the goods upfront. Simple choose the products that you wish to sell from the wholesaler inventory, publish and wait for buyer. If someone, make a purchase from you; then just direct the order details to the wholesaler for shipment to your customer.

No shipping and packing, as your sales will be take care by the wholesaler (of course you need to clear the payment and submit the order details). It’s the wholesaler duty to pack and ship the items to your customers. Best thing is that, usually the sender details is “your company name”; making the whole process almost transparent. Sound how great?

Flexibility to choose many products and select the best, where you have the power to choose and compare the finest products from categories for you to sell online. You can also choose many difference products from many wholesalers from the comfort of home. No more travel!!

Capital (not a problem). Basically, you can start with almost “Zero” or minimum capital by advertise on Ebay or Amazon. There are free listings on Ebay (however, you only can publish small number of items at a time).

Minimal risk as you have nothing to lose compared to people own a physical shop and goods. I think an individual only risk the time or work done if the dropship business fails.

After all the long explanation on the dropshipping, this new generation business sound really great to myself in general. Start your online business today at minimal risks by registering to dropship manufacturers online.