I have covered on the ‘How to choose good web hosting provider’ via another post earlier. Now another crucial process is to have your domain name (Domain name is an identical address to your webpage). Below are some tips on how to choose a good domain name for your website.

a) If you already own a domain name before, I would suggest you to buy from the same provider for easy maintenance (example renewal in the future), as well as to have a better tracking. Of course, only buying from the same provider if you’re happy with them; else you may consider switching
b) Always buy the ‘.com’ domain, as the .com top level domain (TLD) is commonly used. This very true, when you looking for a domain name for business that sound credibility to boost your business; furthermore, mostly people will end the domain name with ‘.com’. Imagine an airline with a ‘.net’ domain name. Sound weird right?
c) Consider local TLD, if you run a business that based outside of USA. Example, ABC Company is based in Canada; you may choose the domain name with ‘.com.ca’. This will enable higher page rank on the local search engine to further boost up you web traffic.
d) Choose one word spelling domain name, that easy for your website visitors to remember. The chances of returning visitors are usually higher compared to the long domain name. Again, the shorter the better
e) Do not use hyphens, as this will usually confuse your visitors. Imagine, if your potential customer missed the hyphens? That is, the traffic will be routed to the similar website with is without the hyphens.
f) Search the rich key word, which related to your contents. You can use tools such as Google Word Trend to scan the keyword searches. If you are lazy, consider the dropped domain (those expired) which is mostly having some traffic due to past presence on the web. Then think the best
Above all, ask some of your friends to brainstorm the best Domain name would also worth for your consideration; if your project is not the ‘X Files’ type.