Companies, organizations, individuals are rallying in creating a web presence (to own website), in order to stay competitive. The very fundamental to have your piece of webpage online, you need to have a web host which can be subscribed from the hosting companies
Of course every company, organization and individual will be having different needs in term of capacity, affordability and so on to suit their objective.  In this article, I would like to share my personal experiences in relation to ‘How to choose a great web hosting provider’, as below
a) Choose a reliable web hosting provider. Do your home work carefully (e.g. see review on forums), when selecting your hosting provider; you do not want your website down frequently right?
b) List down your requirements such as disk space, no of website to hosts, sub domains, operating system (UNIX or Windows) and so forth. Choose the provider that able to deliver your requirements
c) Set the right budget based on your affordability. Item (b) will be able to help you to reduce the cost <not overpaid> for something not in your wish!!
d) Compare the features provided such as Cpanel, web design features and so on
e) Contact the Customer Service to check out the ‘Customer Service’, usually a friendly and fast response are the positive point to note
Finally, what your view above the above?