Signing up for car insurance is mandatory as an asset to protect the policy holder in the event of accident. There are situations where the car insurance is no longer required, example you sell your car. Obviously you no longer need the insurance coverage for the said car (cut it short, so that you do not pay for the car insurance that you no longer own), as someone else would be using anyway. To terminate or cancel your car insurance, you can just simply follow the steps below

a) Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company and inform that you wish to cancel your car insurance policy with the effective date given. The cancellation date MUST is correct, as soon as your coverage lapsed. Your insurance company will no longer cover the said car / motor vehicle, in the event of accident. How bad!

b) Insurance Policy Refunds

Let’s say you prepaid your insurance policy and the cancellation date is short after the payment. You may ask your insurance company for the refund on the balance on your policy. In most of the case, the insurance company you send you the payment after the termination process is completed. Please refer to your insurance company for refund details and policies

Lastly, inform your state’s department of motor vehicle on your cancellation. Note that after the car insurance termination, you are no longer protected by the insurance coverage and the said car should be stay off the road!