There is multiple free and easy-to-use anonymous proxy service which allows you to access blocked or banned websites you can found online. Because of the access restrictions on the Internet have risen globally. Countries around the world may limit access to the Internet as a way to censor information as the same time stop the freedom of Internet. Example such as Shield Project (nicknamed The Great Firewall of China), Pakistan banned Virtual Private Network or VPN and other countries may filter information.

Authorities also monitor online behavior of individuals as necessary. Some company may also doing the same monitoring on the staffs access to Internet. However, if you are concerned about the monitoring of your web traffic by anyone online, you can use proxy sites to hide your real IP address and browse the Internet anonymously online. School or employer may ban websites as well other than monitoring usage such as access to Facebook or video streaming such as youtube or video tubes. Here is a list of free proxy servers to help you open blocked or unban websites and excuse yourself to monitoring anonymously. You don’t have to download and install proxy software to unblock websites for these sites

How to use and bypass Internet proxies?

Step 1
Access any of the URL above

Step 2
Enter the URL of the site that you want to access

Step 3
Hit Go