Many of the travelers are not aware of the hotel room safety and/or exit procedures during an emergency. Based on safety and security in hospitality industry report, most of the business hotel rooms or normal guest  wouldn’t be bother to read the hotel safety checklist and safe advice which usually ‘pasted’ at the back of the door; just be because we are too excited when about to leave the room.
Some basic tips to protect your assets or life as below:
a) Keep the room door locked at all times and fasten the security chain if you’re inside the room as added security measure. This would not cost you anything!
b) Cross the door is properly locked when leaving the room. You can try to re-access to ensure it’s really locked.

c) Check and ensure Windows are locked every time leaving the room. Thief could be entering the room via the windows.
d) Always read the room tips and emergency exits which usually pasted on the door. Understand and remember the fire exits near to you if case of fire.
e) Do not open the door to stranger and engage with security personnel if required. You can call the Hotel reception counters for further assistance.
f) Use the safety box provided by the Hotel to store valuable items such as passport, cash, jewelry, wallet, Credit cards or anything items as appropriate. Do not leave any valuable items such as laptop or gadgets lying around the room without proper monitoring.
g) Make sure all electrical items are switched “Off” if there is no smart system in room, to avoid any potential fire and failures to your items. Also always ask the power requirement before using any of your own electric appliances, as the power supply may be differ than the one in your country which could cause power trip.
Above all by taking extra precaution steps can protect you and your valuable items from danger. Finally staying safe and be safe!