I recently read an interesting article on the web about haze or air pollution around the globe. Looking back the past experiences it something not bearable for more of us. Sometimes with funny smell when the haze got stronger.

Do you know the air pollution is measured based on the Pollutant Standards Index (also known as PSI), that uses numbered index to indicate the level of air pollutants. In Singapore we can easily getting the latest PSI index on-line on NEA portal (http://www.haze.gov.sg/haze-updates/psi-readings-over-the-last-24-hours)

Typically the PSI index is derived by averaging data collected for the past 24 hours from my own reading. However, I think it’s not a standard as there are measurements by 3 hourly or hourly reading.

Anyway, you can take the precautionary steps to protect you and your family from the haze by:

  1. Stay indoors with closed windows and doors as when possible.
  2. Use an air purifier to catch and remove harmful small particles in the air
  3. Reduce outdoor activities whenever possible
  4. Drink more water
  5. Cover your mouth and nose with good masks such as N95 masks.

You can get yourself masks from major supermarkets and or pharmacies such as Unity, Guardians, Watsons as so on.