Pulau Ketam (in Malaysia language), literally translated as Crab Island is a rustic fishing village which attracts visitor from domestic and international. The Pulau Ketam is located off coast of Klang (in Selangor state), and accessible from the Port Klang jetty by shuttle ferry; visitor may take KTM Commuter train from KL Sentral to the jetty.

Overview of Pulau Ketam

The experiences
The visit to Pulau Ketam is a MUST, if you wanted to experience the lifestyle of fishermen as well as varieties of fresh seafood such as crabs, fish, and prawns which available to all. The price is relatively cheap compared to the city, easily by a huge percentage of discounts.
There also a floating petrol station on the water, shops, posts office, among others.  Based on the information given, the population of Pulau Ketam is less than 10K, with Chinese as majority. Even thought Chinese dialects are commonly use, most of the traders are also speaking English as well.
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Places to visit
          Pulau Ketam Jetty
          Nang Thiam Keng Temple
          Hock Leng Keng Temple
          Fish Dealer Centre
          Fishing Boat Factory
          Fish Farm

The Local Business
Majority of the villagers are fishermen with dealing centers built nearby seashore, which the sea products will then transported to wet market surrounding Klang Valley. Other than the raw products, the villagers also process some sea products such as fish balls, dried prawns, snacks and many more.