It’s great to participate in God’s work, there are many works you can do at Church. The most importance one is the ushering ministry (which I’m work on currently), where you welcome people into the house of God. Remember you are representative of the Church, and as usher you also need to ensure the smooth worship service.
These simple tips may able to help you to serves the God house better for those interested in usher ministry
          Know the Church layout clearly, example the restrooms
          Greet people in a warm way to make the worshippers feel comfortable or good in another word
          Dress appropriately as you are the frontline
          Always usher visitors to their seats
          Avoid long conversation with other usher
          Control the in / out crowd during service to avoid interruption to the others
          Always know where the available seats, so you could stay informed
          Keep the sanctuary doors closed during the service time
          Always inform your Usher Lead when you not able to come to Church
I hope to explore more in God ministry in the future and looking forward to server him with all my strength