It’s critical to take note of key points to note before your purchase a property. Buying a property takes up extensive time, planning, money, patience and sometimes involving your luck as well. It’s advisable for you to plan and decide wisely before making a decision.

Financial and money planning matters should on top of your priority and to do list. Always have and maintain a budget in mind for your dream properties that makes your heart skip a beat. It is equally vital to take time to slowly list the amount of cash available for expenses like loan insurance, legal fees, monthly installments and other related costs.  Then add and list down of all your assets (income, savings, fix deposits, investments) and then give the two figures a comparison and roughly gauge how much you can spend on the new home.

Location would be your next consideration. Look out for location that is convenient where there are schools, shopping malls, hospitals, banks nearby for added convenience and factors for property to increase.  This would definitely helps when talking about capital gain on property. People would definitely need supermarket at least as well as banking.

Travel ease would be another thing to consider such as nearby and accessible by public transportation modes such as busses, MRT, LRT, BRT nearby, unless you own a car and do not mind to travel with your car.

Next would be types of property that you looking at. Basically there are basically 2 types, the landed property and the non-landed property. Non-landed properties are primarily the flats, condominiums and apartments which are more captivating to the younger generations while Landed properties include semi-detached, bungalows and link houses that may cater to larger families. However, it all sums down to the type of home you prefer as well as the amount of income you have.

For sub-sale property, it’s also good to examine the property externally as well as internally. The designs of the exterior and the interior, the size of the living room, how big the rooms are, how spacious the kitchen is, the types of floorings, the plumbing net works and others. Private properties are usually furnished to a certain extend so make your way to the interior and slowly appreciate the designs and see if it’s to your liking. It is best that you multiply your house-hunting options by attending project launches and open-houses organized by developers. Sign yourself up to mailing list for an update of future projects. From there, you can choose from the varieties of properties that suit you best. Purchasing and owning a house is a long-term investment, so It is crucial to plan before hand to enjoy a pleasant and good buy.