Recently found the United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) published the average wage or monthly salary for most of the countries. In comparison the average earning is USD 1,480 per month based on previous research.

Of course based on 80 / 20 rule the upper class may earns more in respective high income countries top the list. In Malaysia the average income translate to about Ringgit (RM)5000 in month salary. Well the said salary tier just nice for a small family. The list is in order and earning / Salary in USD (List only earning for top 10 countries). Please note this data may be out-dated and just for sharing purposes
Luxembourg 4,089
Norway 3,678
Austria 3,437
United States 3,263
United Kingdom 3,065
Belgium 3,035
Sweden 3,023
Ireland 2,997
Finland 2,925
Korea (Republic of) 2,903