What is Adsense for Domain
Great news to webmaster to earn with Google Adsense for Domain, even with the undeveloped domains, Adsense for Domain will display the information such as advertisements, links or search results; instead of showing ‘page cannot be found’ for the parked domain.
Adsense for domain is available to all domain extensions, provided the owners are adheres to the Adsense rules and regulations.
Getting started
It’s easy to setup  the Adsense for Domain, by just following the steps below
a) Sign into your Adsense account
b) Click the My adstab, then choose the Domains from the sidebar
c) Select New Hosted Domains
d) Add the Domains either by entering all the domains individually in the text box or by uploading the CSV file (maximum of 5000 domains for an upload)
f) Modify your domain registrar settings. Point the DNS to the following addresses.
g) Customize the colors and channels
Now you are done, and usually the advertisements will be serves within 24 hours with subjected to Google Adsense review and approval. Happy Earning