Yes, you can use both Adsense and Infolinks advertisement networks on all your websites. I have been using Adsense and Infolinks to monetize all my websites for months now without any problem.  It’s proven 100% safe for you to use both Adsense and Infolinks to monetize your websites.
What is Google Adsense?
I’ll not explain further on what is Adsense in this article (check out my other posts on Adsense). Basically, Adsense is the most popular advertising network on this planet. I believe most of the advertisers and publishers are using this network.
What is Infolinks?
First you need to understand what Infolinks advertising network all about is. Actually Infolinks complements Adsense, and you will get small amount of money from it too. Infolinks is a leading provider of ‘In-Text advertising’ and the direct competitor to Kontera and Text Link Broker.
The benefits by having both
If you are thinking to maximize your online earning or to make quick ‘money’, then you should be having both the Google Adsense and Infolinks advertising networks up on all your websites. Bear on mind; both Adsense and Infolinks are serving different objectives and missions as described above.
Since both of them are the ‘perfect couple’, why shouldn’t you add an additional channel to boost up your earning? I can’t think of any reasons to resist the usage of both advertising networks on my websites.
Be aware, if you having both Adsense and Infolinks on your sites
Having both Google Adsense and Infolinks up on your page; may bring down Adsense click-through rate or CTR. This will significantly affect your Adsense earning, as some of the clicks are being diverted to Infolinks. Other than that, some of your readers or fans may be irritated; due to ‘too many advertisements’ being displayed on a page.
I will suggest you to limit the number of Infolinks ‘In Text’ advertisement per page. For an example, instead of having 10 in-text advertisements; you can bring the number down to 5 by having only relevant keywords.