Wedding banquet tips
In this year has seen many weddings take place, and the most memorable section of the event for me (as guest) is the weddings banquet. Wedding banquets are equally crucial as the rings exchange ceremony, as it is a time to celebrate with family and friends over a great meal.

Well, I’m looking forward for my wedding soon and out of curiosity on the wedding preparation especially on the wedding banquet. I managed to gather some tips which are the ‘miracle advises’ from the newlyweds as below:

  • Hire a wedding planner to supervise and oversee all the details and you’ll be able to relax be before and during your big day
  • The venue should be centrally situated and accessible with ample of parking
  • Do you own research from forums and choose only venue that have good track record and experience in handling weddings
  • Be creative with your menu and be sure that your venue is able to deliver good food, as good food always makes a wedding banquet memorable
  • Set up a photo booth during cocktail hour for guests to have fun and quick snapshots
  • Dress up tables in a variety of settings instead of having them identical to create ‘feel good’ atmosphere
  • Complete seating arrangements as early as possible; do not seat guests who do not get along together. Leaving this item to the last minute often creates headache
  • Call your guest to confirm on the attendance and special arrangement (example special dietary requirements such as vegetarians)
  • Post the layout and seating plan outside the banquet venue for easy reference